Your Request will be confirmed as Received and an Approval (or not) will be given within 72 hours. Before Requesting a Date for an Event:  For Sidewinders, check here to review dates that may be open: For TWIST, please fill out. Our calendar for TWIST has more open dates. PLEASE INCLUDE A PROPOSED CAST AND HOST.  Once Cast and host are approved, you can send invites. ***We will leave names off poster until you get the cast members confirmed from your end.*** Also - please read, at a minimum, pages 4 - 11 on this document: Welcome Statement.  Failure to follow guidelines may result in your show being postponed or canceled. Only resident groups and resident producers are exempt from these guidelines because they have worked closely with the artistic director and know the guidelines, so please follow them carefully.

ALL POSTERS HAVE TO BE APPROVED BEFORE RELEASE DUE TO LEGAL REASONS.  No exceptions.  Please ensure all the required information is on the poster, and that all information is visible via Instagram viewing (square).  

We do not guarantee bookings will be accepted when proposed.  If you have a confirmed date, don't worry.  All bookings must be approved by the Artistic Director or appropriate bar management, and Confirmation sent to the Requestor. Only Friday and Saturday dates can have a cover, and that cover charge must be approved.  We are accepting future bookings.