Black Rose Court Line members, 2017. No 2018 members.

Curio Lecter

Anitra Blue

Bryan Andrew Lambe

Kit Kombat

Rozalyn Black, Queen of the Roses - Emerita - Lifetime

Fire and Ice Court Line members, 2017.  No 2018 members.

Kitana M. Kyng

Blayze M.

Dagger  Cox

Cameron Ticey

Pink Rose Court Line members, 2017. No 2018 members

Grimly Fiendish Lecter

Robert  Jones

River Delacour

Kendall Smith

Rose Court – House Court of the Cabaret Theater

  • Executes Pageant of the Roses
  • Top 4 become: Majesty, King, Queen and Monarch of the Roses,
  • Audience Choice Award Winner is Majesty of the Order of the Rose.
  • Replaces the Sweetheart Fashion Show
  • The Majesty succeeds any open position but is also considered equal in terms of rank. 
  • All line members must be approved by the Artistic Director of the Cabaret and in consensus with the other monarchs of the respective court.
  • This court assists with the Pageant of the Roses, and diplomatic affairs related to the following: Community, Mental Health and Accessibility – other areas determined by inaugural court.
  • This court hosts several parties/events throughout the year to raise funds for the areas mentioned.
  • This court may raise funds for themselves as members of the court for personal financial assistance as needed or when needed.
  • Will work with other courts / houses during the year.
  • Known Funding needs or targets which can be raised as part of the court events: Crowns, Scepters, medals, gloves, other regalia, business cards, decorations, guest speakers/artists, make-up, wigs, clothing, nonprofit fundraising and snacks (for any events if wanted).

Vampire Bat, Majesty of the Roses


Marcus Michèle Ticey (now Marcus TMX), King of the Roses Emeritus - Lifetime