Vampire Bat Lecter, King of the Gore

MsChief Anya Rez, Queen of the Gore

Grotesque Lecter, Monarch of the Gore

Gore Court - House Court of the Cabaret Theater

  • Executes the Gore Competition.
  • Top 3 become: King, Queen and Monarch of Gore.
  • All line members (if having a line) must be approved by the Artistic Director of the Cabaret and in consensus with the other monarchs of the respective court.
  • Will work with other courts / houses during the year. Haus of Lost Causes visits from Colorado Springs/Denver and may be part of festivities.  Need hotel room and gas assistance; they will help sell tickets.
  • This court assists with diplomatic affairs related to Citizenship, Housing, Physical and Mental Health and Wellness, and hosts several parties/events throughout the year to raise funds for the areas mentioned.
  • Known Funding needs or targets which can be raised as part of the court events: Crowns, Scepters, medals, gloves, other regalia, business cards, decorations, guest speakers/artists, make-up, wigs, clothing, nonprofit fundraising and snacks (for any events if wanted).
  • Required to fund raise throughout the year.  Requirements include $250 over 2 events - $500 total per monarch.