Sidewinders Ranch 2018 Gore Competition Packet
Date of Competition: Sunday, October 21, 2018, 7pm
Packets were due: Tuesday, October 16, 2018, 9pm


Thank you for your consideration of being a contestant in the 2018 Gore Competition to be held at Sidewinders Bar and Cabaret Theater. It will be held on Sunday, October 21, 2018.

Deciding to take part in the 2018 Gore Competition should require careful thought and consideration from each contestant. As a Titleholder of this competition, you will be representing not only this Competition, but also the Cabaret Theater at Sidewinders Bar. During your one-year reign, you will help promote this competition and to help this competition grow and attract more contestants the next year.

Those interested in competing for one of the titles of King, Queen and Monarch of Gore Competition must read the entire competition packet. This reign will not have a court or court line but is seen as a court of the cabaret. A signature is required to confirm that the information contained in this packet has been read and understood. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Curio Lecter as this is transitioning to it during the next few weeks. To reach Curio, please submit an e-mail to; the e-mail will be forwarded to it. The information here available so anyone interested in competing will know the requirements of this competition and the obligations as a Titleholders.


The following three titles are available for adults 21 and over:

Monarch: an individual who is non-binary, gender neutral or a gender other than male or female.

King: an individual who identifies as a male.

Queen: an individual who identifies as a female.

Contestants are required to arrive at the times below. Failure to do so will result in deduction points.

Start time is 7pm. Must be on premises and checked-in with event stage manager by 6pm.

Competition Requirements

Each of the winners of the 2018 Gore Competition Titles will be required to produce 2 shows throughout their one year reign at the home bar Sidewinders. During one of these shows produced by the Titleholder, they will be required to raise money for one charity of their choice with the consultation of the Artistic Director of the Cabaret. Total minimum raised for titleholder’s charity must equal $250 during the show and $500 for the entire year; multiple shows are encouraged; anything over the $500 will go to the expenses of the competition and can be donated as the titleholder requests. Titleholders will also be encouraged to promote the competition. Title holders will also assist in planning events throughout the year, as well as during the month of October. And remember…. Have fun!


Each contestant will be competing in 3 categories for one of the titles of King, Queen and Monarch.

Contestant has the opportunity to earn a total of 75 points from each of the four judges. The judges will score each category using whole numbers. Any penalties will be deducted to create the final score. The contestants will be placed in order by number drawn by each contestant the day of the competition. The minimum score for winning in any category is an average of 52.5 points, or a total of 157.5 if there are 3 judges.

Competition Categories

Each contestant will be given a maximum of 6 minutes to exhibit any skill, hobby, or performance to present to the audience and judges. Each contestant will be scored on creativity, talent and presentation. Each contestant will be allowed to include up to four additional individuals (i.e., backup dancers, performers, prop assistants, etc.) during their talent.
Maximum Score of 25 Points

Creative Wear
Each contestant will be required to model clothing suitable for events. Contestants will be required to model their Creative Wear on stage and in front of the judges.
Maximum Score of 25 Points

On-Stage Question & Answer
Immediately after showcasing their Creative Wear, each contestant is required to, a) approach the on-stage microphone to meet with the emcee, b) introduce themselves, c) pick from the random questions the emcee will provide, d) give a 1 minute response, and e) exit the stage. Each contestant will be judged on, a) the content of their answer, b) the ability to speak readily, clearly, and effectively, and c) their stage presence.
Maximum Score of 25 Points

Maximum Total Score of 75 Points

CROWNING/Medal Ceremony
Each contestant will change into attire they wish to wear for the awards. Each contestant will be given a final introduction. During this introduction the contestant will make a final walk across the stage and join the contestant line-up toward the back of the stage. The winner for each title will be announced in the same order the titles were presented during the competition. After the winner for a title is announced, that winner will be crowned and will walk the stage. Afterwards, that winner will move to a predetermined section of the stage to allow the new title winner to be announced and crowned.

Once all of the new Titleholders have been medaled the emcee will introduce the winners. Further, the emcee will give thanks and appreciation for the audience, judges, and staff of the Gore Competition and the Cabaret Theater at Sidewinders Bar.

The Promoter of the Competition will select a panel of 3 - 4 judges and a tally master. The judges will score contestants in three categories of the competition and a tally master will chart all the scores; having no part of the judging process. Every effort will be made to select judges from various parts of the community for their knowledge of the competing categories. The Artistic Director, bar managers, or bar owners, may serve as judges if non “related” competitors are running.

Contestants may request a copy of their scores and comments from the judges after the competition is completed by request to the Promoter. There will be 3 – 4 judges.


Piercing, showing of genitalia, anus, nipples for cis females, having large amounts of water (over ½ cup of fluid), live animals, real blood, fire, or fireworks are prohibited during any part of the competition. This is to prevent damage to the bar and cabaret, as well as prevent any hazards. Anus must be covered by at least 1 inch of material and must not be visible. Contestants must follow state regulations on exposure of body parts. Sight-impaired contestants requiring seeing-eye dogs or animals of assistance and any mobility aids must be “generally” accepted; mobility aids can be embellished if contestant desires. Lit cigarettes are prohibited. Do not bring outside drinks of any kind into the bar; drinks are also not to be removed from the bar. Contestants may use up to ½ cup of water in their presentation or performances. Explosive items of any kind are prohibited, except non-ignited confetti sticks or “flutter fetti.” Glitter is okay and glitter bombs (non-ignited) are okay. Balloons are also prohibited. Fecal, urine, vaginal excretions, excretions from any body part, body/blood plasma, spitting on the ground or other property and any other biohazards are not permitted. When in doubt, please consent with the promoter and Artistic Director of the competition in advance.

Must be 21+ with Valid ID, Local (within 45 miles of Albuquerque or if approved). Must hold title-related fundraising shows strictly at the home bar. Behavior must follow Cabaret standards, and titleholders must not use illegal substances and remain under DUI limits while representing the bar.

Title can be removed with good reason if cabaret standards are not maintained. When representing the title, titleholder should not wear other pageant, crown or scepter regalia of another pageant, title, competition or so forth. Titleholders should hold no more than 2 working titles (which require minimum amounts of fundraising) simultaneously. Working titles are those in which the title holder must raise a minimum amount per year. For example, a person should not be a monarch of an existing court, Pride titleholder and Gore titleholder unless one of the titles expires within 3 months; usually such titles require a minimum amount to be raised. Contestant must be in good standing with Sidewinders Ranch and the Cabaret for at least 12 months prior to competition. Good standing means contestant must not have been banned.

Deadline is Tuesday before competition. Send music to by 10/20/2018. We will take music submissions the day of as well.

To sign up, please fill out below:

Sample Score Sheet for Competitions:

Name of Contestant: ______________________________________________________    

Judge number:________       Initials:________


Questions to consider: Did they dress according to theme? Did it fit, appropriately (properly)? Did this costume impress you? How creative was it? Did person feel confident and demonstrate poise? Did the costume move in tandem with the person wearing it? Did a wardrobe malfunction occur? If so, was it handled, professionally?

___________ (75 points)



Must speak about 60 seconds on why they should be selected King, Queen, or Monarch? Was the person clearly and understandably understood in the delivery of speech? Was the answer given with confidence, sincerity, and succintly? Did the person show royal qualities? Was adversity handled, professionally, if any adverse thing occurred?

___________ (75 points)




Latin element: Did the performance include Latin elements in it?

___________ (30 points)

Rhythm and Tempo: Did the performance maintain the appropriate speed and timed appropriately? Did it look rehearsed or thrown together?

___________ (25 points)

Passion: Did you feel their emotion (Latin Rio heat) through their performance? Did the performance speak to you?

___________ (10 points)


Professionalisim: Did the person act professionally? Did the person maintain emotional bearing and perform with confidence and a smile?

________ (5 points)

Purpose: Did the performance tell a story? Did it correlate to the theme somehow?

________ (5 points)


Overall judges comments:

Audience Choice Votes

Did they receive 5 minimum audience choice votes? ____________ (Bonus points) A Bonus of point is given for every 5 ticket votes. 1 free vote ticket is given to every person with a purchase, as well as 1 ticket per person (given at entry). This is separate of any raffle tickets. The color of the ticket will matter. A container with the contestants name will be placed in the back of the entertainment area (dance floor) for a guest to place a vote (by placing a ticket inside it) after the last competitor has completed the competition. 

Total competition points: ____________ (225 points per judge plus bonus points)