Priscilla Toya-Bouvier - Miss IGRA 2019

Priscilla Toya Bouvier of Albuquerque, NM, is reigning Miss International Gay Rodeo Association. Priscilla will be representing gay rodeo, the western lifestyle, and raising money for various as she travels across the US, Canada and Mexico. 

Frank Farinaro, Belly Dancer

Best of 2017 1st Place,  Cultural Award Winner 2016

Willow HeiShii - Mx Sidewinders 2019

​This performer likes long walks on the beach and sipping red wine. They like to spend their vacations in the second circle of Hell taking advantage of men, or you might catch them in the forest leading a sacrificial ceremony to you favorite blood gods. It’s Willow Heishii! Willow is a co-producer of Saints Ball and MX. Sidewinders 2019. Follow willow on Instagram under @willowleif or tune into their live streams on

Launch of the cabaret year  2019 - 2020 - Golden age of hollywood

Ty the Gentleman

Mr. Corazón Leather 2017, Ty The Gentleman is a performer and educator with a passion for healthy exploration of sexual identity. While spending time as lead dungeon monitor he found a passion kink exhibition and stage performance. He has performed at the annual Alibi Fetish Formal, Quiet Encounters in El Paso Texas, Velvet curtain in Dallas Texas and can be seen at many conferences nationally.

When not travelling, Ty is the special guest BDSM consultant for the NM Clubhouse, and burlesque enthusiast. Follow him on social media


Jonathan Allen, Opera Singer, Semi-Finalist, Season 8, America's Got Talent, ​Headliner

Dava Renee 


Royal A. Wood III, Comedian

Photo: M. T. West

​Royal Wood is a 5 year funny guy, who was born and raised in Michigan, but makes his home in the 505. Even though Royal has the similar likes of a 32-year-old black male, he does have an affinity for mandarin oranges and Africa by Toto.

Allie Jo


Host: Music Commissioner Renato Estacio-Burdick, MBA, MMus.

Co-Owner, Sidewinders Ranch and Twist

Estacio-Burdick is the Artistic Director of the Black Cat Cabaret and has been active for 30+ years in productions to include musicals, operas, operettas, theater, in both the U.S. and abroad, with 25 years as a professional entertainer in singing, acting, radio, and voice-over narrator, as well as show host for at least 25 years. As Artistic Director, Estacio-Burdick is focused primarily on guiding artistic excellence, artistic growth, leadership development, and community engagement.

Estacio-Burdick served as Interim Music Director for the Albuquerque Civic Chorus, where they selected repertoire, conducted the ensemble, and facilitated the strategic direction of the organization. As well, they were Music Director for St. Chad’s from 2014-2016. Estacio-Burdick studied acting at the Acting Studio, and voice, movement, and acting at the Neighborhood Playhouse (Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in Residence).  Estacio-Burdick was District Winner (Nevada/Utah) National Association of Singing, District Winner (Western Texas) Classical Music Award, Mary DeVos Opera Scholarship, and was District Director for the Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions. Estacio-Burdick maintains a residency at the African American Performing Arts Center, as well as serves as Commissioner of Music for New Mexico where they assist in developing the musical landscape and preservation of music in New Mexico, working in conjunction with the Department of Cultural Affairs and the Governor's Office.

Academically, Estacio-Burdick attended Oberlin College and Conservatory of Music in Oberlin, OH, where they studied theater, tuba performance, and English literature; from Oberlin, they received a Bachelor of Arts degree. Further academic background includes degrees in marketing (MBA-Honors) and vocal (opera) performance (BMus – Magna Cum Laude/MMus). 


Tomahawk Martini, Producer - BlackOUT

​Tomahawk Martini is an amazing indigenous performer from the Navajo Nation. She loves Female Hip Hop Artist, 90’s supermodels and Dirty Martini’s. She has been a resident of Albuquerque for 8 years, doing drag for 7 years and performing for 3 years. She wants to spread her legs and happiness and love dirty jokes and back-handed compliments! 

Stacia Vu, Variety, Producer - Arthaus Burlesque

Stacia Vu has been a local performer for two years with a wide variation of performance types that include circus, dance, comedy, acting, music, and modeling. She is the main other half in the band Tatted Grandams, your Queen of Mardi Gras 2019, the producer for Arthaus Burlesque, and can do a whole 5 pushups before giving up to take a nap.

Jessica Stone DeLorean


Allison Saint, Producer - Saints Ball

​Allison saint is your all time favorite vintage performer who isn't afraid to say like it is  [❤]

Stephan Gaeth

Stephan is a dancer from Texas, a burlesque performer and choreographer. Southern Fried King Of Burlesque 2012 and San Antonio King Of Burlesque 2013

Mayo Lua de Frenchie, Burlesque

Photo: La Photographie

​Mayo has been working her big, round booty off in the burlesque scene since 2012, pushing her way from hobbyist to professional. With her vast background in over a dozen traditional dance and martial arts genres, she has gone from dancer to burlesquer, student to instructor, stagehand to producer and performer to choreographer. She has won multiple awards for her efforts including 1st Runner Up at the 2017 Golden Legends Champion Challenge, Judges' Choice at the 2016 Arizona Burlesque Festival, Master of Improv at the 2017 Colorado Regional Burlypicks and Best Burlesque Performer in the 2017 Best of Burque campaign. Mayo has now performed in 14 states, 18 festivals and has produced 4 recurring Albuquerque burlesque shows. Hailing from Albuquerque, New Mexico, she is known as “The Enchantress of New Mexico” and "the bitch so fancy she could be aioli."