We are pleased to announce the Best of 2019 Awards and Competition: "The Golden Age of Hollywood and Musicals"; please note time period of this theme is 1930s to early 1960s.  Competitors: Outfit for finals, music for event, and look for the event should follow the theme; please see below for specifications on preliminary night (compulsory round).  

Event dates:

Pre-lims: Friday, December 20, 2019, 7pm Doors and Pre-Show Performances. 8pm Competition.  No Cover.

Finals: Saturday, December 21, 2019. 10pm Event / Competition. $5 Cover 

Click here for Event Details from Last Year

This year's Special Guests and Judges include:

  • Burlesque - Mayo Lua de Frenchie
  • Drag - Avery Taureax
  • Drag - Narcisca Vanity
  • Dance - Deidre Haley
  • Dance - Frank Farinaro
  • Theater - Hasani Olujimi
  • Renato Estacio-Burdick, Artistic Director 

Bios and Headshots 

Details of the Competition:

Individuals and Groups must have performed with the Black Cat Cabaret at least 2 times (twice) from November 1, 2018 to November 17, 2019.  Black Cat Cabaret performances will have included performances under the auspices of the Black Cat Cabaret / Sidewinders Ranch / TWIST Nightclub, La Fonda del Bosque, the NM clubhouse, the performing arts center, and any Black Cat Cabaret outreach event/show.

Judging Criteria for the event: Please read this sheet to get an idea of what the judges will be using as benchmarks.  Judging Criteria from 2018

This year's selection of who will compete will come from the recommendations of at least 3 panels.  Input and ratings from these areas will be weighted. Regular performing and presence at events related to the cabaret always helps selectors.

  • Best of 2019, 1st Place: $150 cash prize
  • Best of 2019, 2nd Place: $100 cash prize
  • Best of 2019, 3rd Place: $75 cash prize
  • Top 5 -10 - All-Stars Award (no cash prize), medallions


The official name of the event will be: Sidewinders Ranch's Best of 2019 Cabaret Honors, Awards, and Competition "The Golden Age of Hollywood and Musicals"

To qualify for competition:


  1. Only members of the Cabaret Theater and any performing artists who have performed at the cabaret in the last year are eligible; must have performed during 11/1/2018 - 11/17/2019.
  2. Singers are ineligible to compete unless they combine their act with another performing arts genre outside of singing and the mechanical arts. Singers should compete in the Venus Awards.
  3. Prior winners are eligible to compete again if they are in good standing. Good standing will be enforced.  
  4. The Staff will confirm that the individual performed at the cabaret theater during the time frame needed.
  5. Participant must be local (NM - or within 150 miles of Albuquerque, NM), and must be 18 and over with valid government ID. 18 - 20 year olds must perform a number In Act III after they compete.
  6. Participant must be available for 2 marquee events (all-star event and another marquee event).  
  7. Participant must be in good standing at the cabaret and with the bar for at least 12 months (unless a new entertainer) and remain in good standing during the current and upcoming year.
  8. Participants should not have relinquished any title or have had a title removed of the cabaret during the last 12 months.  This puts them in poor standing and ineligible for this competition and any titles offered in conjunction with the competition. Exceptions can be made if participant was under duress, had medical needs, and relinquished title for a legitimate reason.  
  9. Participant must remain relatively sober during the event in order to accept award. (Drinking okay - being drunk is not).
  10. Must be a performer of any performing arts category: belly dance, drag, impersonator, dancer, actor, comedian, etc.  No singers as competitors (as guest artists it is okay).
  11. The Top 30% of nominees will be selected from the online polls and screening by panels, and will be invited to perform in the live competition.  
  12. For live competition, performer must be available for the entire event unless approved by Artistic Director of the Cabaret.  Event door and pre-event at 7pm.  8pm competition night 1, and 10pm night 2 (finals).
  13. Winners will be eligible to book events in advance (priority bookings) and eligible for future high profile shows.  Winners may also be featured in media, radio, advertising and so forth. Winners will be coached in the areas of professional development if they desire when the cabaret offers any development seminars (excludes Bartending Workshops).
  14. Winners may be eligible for discounts, any available work in conjunction with the cabaret, as well as free entry into future events.


We may take more nominees  due to ties from the panels judging, but Top 30% are considered first.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Additional Cabaret Honors and Awards being given which are selected by vote and conferred by the Artistic Director and the Cabaret:

  • 2 Cultural Awards Chosen by the Artistic Director. 
  • Dove and Lily Peace Prize 2019 on behalf of the Dove and Lily Court. One of the Top Awards Given by the Cabaret - Highest Honors
  • Citizen of 2019 Award on behalf of the Gore Court
  • Spirit of the Rose 2019 on behalf of the Rose Court. 
  • Producers Awards  - Top yielding events 
  • Best New Event Awards

Guidelines for Competition:


1) Music and tech sheets due December 18, 2019.  We will take them up until noon on 12/19/19 if needed, or at the event due to technical difficulties. Tech sheets: Click Here. 

2) Come ready to perform by 7pm; pre-lims show at 7pm and event at 8pm - notify Renee if you cannot be there until a later time - accommodations can be made

3) No flammables, firearms, dangerous or hazardous materials; any such materials will automatically disqualify contestant. No balloons or blood. No Glitter or Confetti.

4) Dress for a competition and for awards ceremony

5) Check-in with security and stage manager

6) Confirm your participation

7) Must have valid government issued ID

8) No outside beverages permitted

9) Participation releases Sidewinders from any liability

10) Should stay for entire event unless otherwise discussed, as the event will have awards given in the middle and the end.

11) It is recommended that performers watch as much of the competition as they can.

12) You will have 4 minutes to set-up, perform and complete your piece. 5 points will be deducted for going beyond 4 minutes.

13) Please note: Performers who are competitors may not be able to leave the stage due to lack of stairs. 

PRELIMS ARE FRIDAY 12/20/19, 8pm (7pm Call time).  Finals are Saturday, 12/21/19, 10pm (9pm Call time).

Please note that management and DJs are not permitted to compete.  Drag family members do not have the same restrictions.

Please note - the prelims have special requirements for outfit, look, and shoes.  All competitors must follow guidelines below for the Prelims (compulsory round):

Day 1: Friday, 12/20/19.  Event at 8pm. Call time: 7pm. This will be the Compulsory Round (Prelims). Start time is 8pm with a title walk, special performances, and welcome. 

There are outfit and look requirements for Prelims. Songs/Routines must not be longer than 4 mins long. This includes set up, performance, and breakdown. Please leave time for clean up after each piece, which is part of the 4 minutes.
You MUST bring someone to clean up after you (kitten/assist) if you are planning to remove clothes, throw items, etc.

  1. ​Outfit should be one of the following colors: plain black, plain beige, plain white, plain tan, or solid color such as, dark red, maroon, blue, purple, brown. No bright colors, i.e do not wear: Orange, Yellow, Pink, Fluorescent, rainbows, etc. Outfit can be two colors or a combination of the above.  But 2 colors max preferred.
  2. No Patterned material.
  3. Material should be simple material: cotton, polyester, blend. Outfit for compulsory cannot be silk, satin, or taffeta.
    Bras and underwear can be any material but must not be bright, adorned, etc. Must be consistent with requirements.

  4. No Prints on materials.
  5. No adornments (i.e. can't be beaded, stoned, glitter, fringed, etc.)
  6. Earrings and jewelry must be simple if they are worn (studs, pearls, diamond-studs, etc.). No dangling earrings.
  7. Tassels are acceptable over nipples. (Must be simple tassels with no stones, lace, beads, etc.)
  8. Nails and makeup acceptable.
  9. Plain gloves acceptable (no lace, beads, designs, stones, etc.).
  10. Black pants or black bottoms of any kind and black top - no tule under skirts.
  11. Lipstick can be any color.
  12. Shoes should be neutral, black, tan, white, or beige and one or two colors max; character shoes are recommended. Heels should be less than 3 inches. Any form of dance shoe is acceptable, i.e. ballet slipper, tap shoe, tap shoe with taps, jazz shoe, character shoe, etc. Should not be adorned with glitter, beads, etc.
  13. Example of acceptable outfits:Sample outfit: Black stretch pants, leotard, jazz or character shows, hair in a bun, or out of face, or tied back if needed. Hair can be made or a wig can be worn, but it cannot be adorned.
    -Sample outfit: Black slacks, black shirt, black shoes
    -Sample outfit: Black dress (simple - no tule, no adornments) and black shoes.
    -Sample outfit: White body suit, white shoes
  14. Hair / Wig, must be unadorned and consistent with appearance (neutral). Must not be overly styled. (keep hair height under 3 or 4 inches as much as possible)
  15. Tights, leggings, body shapers, etc., can be worn but must be neutral, white, black, tan, or cream. No bright, fluorescent, or patterns.
  16. Compulsory round will require you meet the criteria similar to last year's ratings criteria (i.e. Commitment, Focus, Showmanship, Turns, Isolations, Choreographed, Style of Dance) - Judging Criteria for the event: Please read this sheet to get an idea of what the judges will be using as benchmarks.  Judging Criteria from 2018
  17. Music should be in theme. 
  18. Must stay for entire event unless a medical, physical, work-related, or family emergency arises.  Artistic Director should be notified and permission will be given.

Day 2: Saturday, 12/21/19. Event at 10pm. Call time 9pm. Top 20 will reach the finals. Start time: 10pm. Call time 9pm. Welcome speech followed by finals.

  1. Time limit is the same. 4 mins total.
  2. Outfits, hair, makeup, etc., are up to the performers.
  3. Must bring someone to assist with set-up, pick-up, etc.. (kittening).
  4. All dressers must be approved.
  5. Must stay for entire event unless a medical, physical, work-related, or family emergency arises.  Artistic Director should be notified and permission will be given.

Below is a list of those who will be asked to compete; this represents the Top 30% based on panel ratings. 

Please confirm by 12/4/19 if you plan to compete.

Qualified Performers:

  1. Allison Saint - Drag
  2. Anitra Blue - Burlesque
  3. Annie O'Roar - Burlesque
  4. Ares M. Williams - Drag
  5. Armani Daniels - Drag
  6. Ave Machina - Burlesque
  7. Bowie Geste - Drag
  8. Boy Izzy - Drag
  9. Brian Pacheco - Dance
  10. Chanel Lee Ticey - Drag
  11. Dahlia Rico-Stratton - Drag
  12. Dee Devine - Burlesque
  13. Deja Williams - Drag
  14. D'Lite Rico - Drag
  15. Egypt Versace - Drag
  16. Epithet Vanity - Drag
  17. Farrah Ferrari - Drag
  18. Fermin Cervantes - Drag
  19. Frida Roxxx - Drag
  20. Holly Rebelle - Burlesque
  21. Jade Martini - Drag
  22. Jay (Mr. Pride 2008) - Drag
  23. J'Dere - Drag
  24. Jessica Stone Delorean - Drag
  25. Kayla Chingada - Drag
  26. Kiki Taylor-Stratton - Drag
  27. Kit Kombat - Burlesque
  28. Kitana Michele Kyng - Drag
  29. Kuwani Titla - Drag
  30. Lilith Stargazer - Burlesque
  31. Lottie LaRouge - Burlesque
  32. Lucy Fur Dahl - Drag
  33. Marcus TMX - Drag
  34. Miss Clickbait - Drag
  35. Molly H. Jones - Drag
  36. Neill Tek Bitchin - Drag
  37. Nova Martini - Drag
  38. Priscilla Toya-Bouvier - Drag
  39. Quinn Stefani - Burlesque
  40. Richard Rico Cox - Drag
  41. Rock Ard - Drag
  42. Serena Knight Jones - Drag
  43. Stacia Vu - Burlesque
  44. Stephan Gaeth - Dance
  45. The Vampire Cedric - Drag
  46. Trey C. Michaels - Drag
  47. Tsunami Couture - Drag
  48. Ty the Gentleman - Other
  49. Vanessa Patricks - Drag
  50. Venus de Folie - Burlesque
  51. Willow HeiSheii - Drag
  52. Yanderriere - Drag

​If you are listed as an alternate below, you are invited to compete if space allows.  You will be notified early December 2019 if space has opened up.

Alternate - Matthew Starr Kyng - Drag

Alternate - MsChief Anya Rez - Drag

Alternate - Nadia Bizness - Drag