We are pleased to announce the Best of 2018 Awards and Competition. Event date: Wednesday, December 19, 2018, 6pm (doors), pre-event 7pm. 8pm competition.

Individuals must have performed  at least 2 times (twice) during the 2018 year from January 1, 2018 - November 28, 2018.

This year's selection of who will compete will come from 3 panels of judges: The Dove and Lily, Panel 2 (anonymous)  and Panel 3 (anonymous).

  • Best of 2018, Audience Choice Award $100
  • 1st Place: $100 cash prize
  • 2nd Place: $50 cash prize
  • 3rd Place: $25 cash prize
  • Top 5 - All-Stars Award (no cash prize), medallions
  • This year's special guests so far include: 


The official name of the event will be: Sidewinders Cabaret Best of 2018 Awards and Competition.

To qualify for competition:


  1. Only members of the Cabaret Theater and any performing artists who have performed at the cabaret in the last year are eligible; must have performed during 1/1/2018 - 11/28/2018
  2. The competition includes a live audience voting component. 
  3. Prior winners are eligible to compete again if they are in good standing. 
  4. The Staff will confirm that the individual performed at the cabaret theater during the 2018 year.
  5. Participant must be local (NM - or within 50 miles), and must be 21 and over with valid government ID.
  6. Participant must be available for 2 marquee events (all-star event and another marquee event).  
  7. Participant must be in good standing at the cabaret and with the bar and remain in good standing.
  8. Participants must not have relinquished any title or had a title removed of the cabaret during the last 12 months.  This puts them in poor standing and ineligible for this competition and any titles offered in conjunction with the competition. 
  9. Participant must remain relatively sober during the event in order to accept award. (Drinking okay - being drunk is not).
  10. Must be a performer of any performing arts category: belly dance, drag, impersonator, dancer, actor, comedian, etc.  No singers as competitors (as guest artists it is okay).
  11. The Top 10 - 15% of nominees will be selected from the online poll and be invited to perform in the live competition.  Up to 30 competitors will be eligible.
  12. For live competition, performer must be available for the entire event unless approved by Artistic Director of the Cabaret.  Event doors at 6pm pre-event at 7pm, and competition at 8pm.  
  13. Winners will be eligible to book events in advance (priority bookings) and eligible for future high profile shows.  Winners may also be featured in media, radio, advertising and so forth. Winners will be coached in the areas of professional development if they desire when the cabaret offers any development seminars (excludes Bartending Workshops).
  14. Winners may be eligible for discounts, any available work in conjunction with the cabaret, as well as free entry into future events.


We may take more nominees  due to ties from the panels judging, but Top 15% are considered first.

List of Qualified Nominees for the Best of 2018 will be posted here. Please note there might be several ties. 

Additional Awards being given:

  • 1 - 5 Cultural Awards Chosen by the Artistic Director. 1 Cultural Award for 2018
  • Spirit of the Rose 2018 on behalf of the Rose Court.
  • Dove and Lily Peace Prize 2018 on behalf of the Dove and Lily Court.
  • Citizen of 2018 Award on behalf of the Gore Court.
  • Producers Awards  - Top yielding events 

Other potential awards:

  • 1 - 5 Life of the Cabaret Awards Chosen by the Artistic Director

Guidelines for Competition:


1) Music and tech sheets due 24 hours before the event.  Tech sheets: Click Here.

2) Come ready to perform by 6pm; pre-show at 6pm and event at 8pm - notify Renato if you cannot be there until a later time

3) No flammables, firearms, dangerous or hazardous materials; any such materials will automatically disqualify contestant. No balloons or blood. 

4) Dress for a competition and for awards ceremony

5) Check-in with security and stage manager

6) Confirm your participation

7) Must have valid government issued ID

8) No outside beverages permitted

9) Participation releases Sidewinders from any liability

10) Audience votes during the live competition for the audience choice award. Audience vote is part of scoring for competition as well.

11) Should stay for entire event unless otherwise discussed, as the event will have awards given in the middle and the end.

12) It is recommended that performers watch as much of the competition as they can.

13) You will have 5 - 7 minutes to set-up, perform and complete your piece. 

14) Please note: Performers who are competitors will not be able to leave the stage due to lack of stairs. 

Judging Criteria will be available Here.

Please note that management and DJs are not permitted to compete.  Drag family members do not have the same restrictions.

Thank you and congratulations everyone!