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Katt Kyng DeLaurentes, Drag Queen, Competitor

I am Katt Kyng DeLaurentes, and I perform as a Bio or Lady Queen. I love what I do and I love helping the community! I am your past Miss New Mexico Enchanted Star 2016, Miss NMGRA 2018 First runner up, Damsel to Reign 25. I've perfored anywhere from Dallas, to Phoenix and even Las Vegas! I love what I do and hope to take my drag to even further places. 

Venus de Folie​, Competitor

Photo: Bidewell Photography

Venus de Folie is the 'Hoopstress of New Mexico.' Combining hypnotic hoops with burlesque, her acts range from fierce to fun. Venus is a CoProducer with Unicorn Productions in ABQ and can be seen performing at the upcoming New Mexico Burlesque Festival, taking place February 15-16, 2019 at the Historic Kimo Theater- tickets are on sale now!!!

Michael Estacio-Burdick, Co-Owner Sidewinders Ranch and Twist

Michael grew up in Hamburg, Iowa and is co-Owner of Sidewinders; in his spare time, he helps produce shows with the Southwest Arts Group. He has over 20 years of management level experience across various industries. His experience includes Interim General Manager and Director of Marketing for San Felipe's Casino Hollywood, Director of Marketing and Database Marketing for Santa Ana Star Casino, Sr. Marketing Operations Manager for PRIMEDIA Enthusiast Publication, and Operations Manager and Executive Account Manager for Palm Coast Data. He is also a recipient of the Cumbre Public Relations Awards; Best of Show for New Mexico Open, Gold Award Relationship Management, and Silver for Branding Campaign; New Mexico American Marketing Association Marketer of the Year Award, best multi-media branding campaign (company received); Barona/VCAT Marketing Excellence Award - Branding and Multi-channel Marketing; and over 25 Romero Casino Marketing Awards - "Large Casino" - in Promotional, Multi-Media, E-Marketing, and Public Relations. Michael is based out of Albuquerque New Mexico.

Dee Devine, Burlesque, Competitor

​My unique style is a sensual expression of self confidence, meant to inspire, delight, and enrapture. I have been performing for over a year in more than two dozen shows. A dancer, costumer, and choreographer I enjoy all aspects of burlesque as it provides a creative challenge like no other!

Royal A. Wood III, Comedian, Judge

Photo: M. T. West

​Royal Wood is a 5 year funny guy, who was born and raised in Michigan, but makes his home in the 505. Even though Royal has the similar likes of a 32-year-old black male, he does have an affinity for mandarin oranges and Africa by Toto.

Natasha Ova Nova, Competitor

Terese, Singer, Guest Performer

3rd Place Venus Awards 2018

Boy Izzy, Competitor

Boy Izzy grew from the multitude of characters that has been vastly influenced by my extensive training in acting, musical theater and performance art. I aspire to test myself as a performer in a plethora of avenues. Behind the piano as a singer songwriter as well as teacher, as a glamazon in drag, on stage I have performed in three Albuquerque Little Theater shows including West Side Story; I have acted on stage at the James. A. Little Theater in an original production conveying the beauty of my home town Mora New Mexico. I also am a part of Overdrive Publications Favorite Obsessions theater troupe's yearly production of Rocky Horror Picture Show, I have played the star of the show Rocky himself. I am sure you will be enamored by this years Competition, enjoy the glitz, glitter and glam.

Moxie Glow, Guest Performer

​“Moxie Glow! — a high energy bubblegum princess! An actress, dancer, fashionista, and comedienne, her charisma will have you like moth to a flame. A truly radiant performer, you’ll see why they call this proud trans queen Glow!”

Nasty Nancy, Drag, Competitor

Nasty Nancy is leaving streaks in truck-stop bathrooms all across America. She has been performing for a little over a year now, and has been doing drag for two years. She is a part of the Albuquerque girl group: Blackout! 

Jacquesan Taylor-Stratton, Drag Queen, Competitor

Crazy, sexy, cool defines this female impersonator. Mx Sidewinders 2018, Miss Gay NM USofA Newcomer 2018and Miss NM pride 2014 leaves everything on the stage. 

Missy Venture, Burlesque, Competitor

Co-producer of Dirty Deeds Burlesque and Venture Productions, Missy has been performing for over six years. If she's not on the stage, she's behind the scenes running it, making sure you all enjoy a killer show! She is also the reigning Miss Merry Christmas and Miss Sandias 2018! There is no method to her madness as she lives to change things up! From classical, to neo, to down and dirty, you'll never know what you'll get from this performer who loves to f**k you in the feels!

Nevannah Sapphire Michele - Assistant Producer -  Guest Performer

Marcus TMX​​, Competitor

Marcus has been performing for 2 years at the cabaret and other venues. He holds the titles of Mr. NM Gay USofA at Large 2018 and King of the Roses/Mr.Sweetheart 2017. He is a big ball of energy that loves what he does and he is excited to be competing this year. He is a member of the Dove and Lily Court.

EM, Singer, Guest Performer

​1st Place Venus Awards 2018

The best of 2019 - who's who

Delyria Paul Twilight Starr - Stage Manager

​My name is Delyria Twilight-Starr (Maria Martinez). I am a Latina woman from Albuquerque, New Mexico. This is my fourth year entertaining as a female entertainer/bio-queen. Through my drag career, I have mentored and brought out new performers. I joined the New Mexico Gay Rodeo Association (NMGRA) in 2017 and I competed for NMGRA and I am the current Ms. NMGRA 2018 titleholder. I also hold the title for MS. IGRA 2ND RU. I love helping my community and helping others when I can.

Tomahawk Martini, Drag Queen, Judge

Miss Sidewinders 2018

​Tomahawk Martini is an amazing indigenous performer from the Navajo Nation. She loves Female Hip Hop Artist, 90’s supermodels and Dirty Martini’s. She has been a resident of Albuquerque for 8 years, doing drag for 7 years and performing for 3 years. She wants to spread her legs and happiness and love dirty jokes and back-handed compliments! 

***Full List of Individuals who Qualified for the Best of 2018 Competition***

As they send in information, it will be added here.

  • Anitra Blue, Burlesque  - All-Star Cast​
  • Avery Taureaux, Drag - 3rd Place - All-Star Cast
  • Boy Izzy, Drag
  • Brian Pacheco, Belly Dancing - All-Star Cast
  • Dee Devine, Burlesque - All-Star Cast
  • Holly Rebelle, Burlesque - All-Star Cast
  • Jacquêsán Taylor-Stratton, Drag - 2nd Pl. -  All-Star Cast
  • Kitana Michele Kyng, Drag - All-Star Cast
  • Lilith Stargazer, Burlesque - All-Star Cast, Cultural Award Winner 2018
  • Lottie LaRouge, Burlesque - All-Star Cast
  • Marcus TMX, Drag - All-Star Cast
  • Missy Venture, Burlesque 
  • Mizz D. Jones, Drag - 1st Place Winner - All-Star Cast
  • Nasty Nancy, Drag 
  • ​Venus de Folie​​, Hoops/Burlesque (hooplesque) - All-Star Cast

Other qualifiers:

  • Annie O'Roar, Burlesque - Unable to Compete
  • Farrah Ferrari, Drag - Did not compete
  • Felicia Roxx Starr Faraday, Drag - Unable to Compete
  • Godiva Bleu, Burlesque - Did not compete
  • J'Dere, Drag - Did not compete
  • Chanel Lee Ticey, Drag - Did not compete
  • Katt Kyng Delaurentes, Drag - Did not compete
  • Kit Kombat, Burlesque - Did not compete
  • Marie Antoinette Du Barry, Drag - Did not Compete
  • Luna M. Volkova, Drag - Did not Compete
  • Molly H. Jones, Drag - Did not Compete
  • Seph M. Alan, Drag/Burlesque - Did not Compete
  • Tsunami Couture, Drag - Did not Compete
  • Ty the Gentleman, Other - Did not Compete

Willow HeiSheii Guest Performer

​Willow Heishii has come from the 2nd circle of Hell to deliver lustful men's soul's to Lucifer himself.

Frank Farinaro, Belly Dancer, Judge

Best of 2017 1st Place,  Cultural Award Winner 2016

Margie, Singer, Guest Performer,

1st Place Venus Awards 2018

Kiara, Singer, Guest Performer

​2nd Place Venus Awards 2018

Kayla Chingada, Guest Performer

​Kayla Chingada is an up-and-comer that isn’t afraid to switch it up. She is a chameleon queen that is a cross between Mystique from X-Men and Danny DeVito

Avery Taureaux, Drag Queen, Competitor

Ty the Gentleman, Qualified Competitor - Unable to Compete

Ty the Gentleman is a champion of intelligent kink and community outreach. Besides his commanding physical presence, he's reached across boundaries of gender and orientation, race and affluence, education and opportunity on a national level through presentations, demos, and fund raising efforts.

Ty is co host with the local Male Identified Support Group that fosters a deeper examination of male identity and responsibility in the world and kink community. He is the Demo Master at the NM Clubhouse on the Main Stage. Ty is 2017 Mr. Corazón Leather, and has judged several leather and drag competitions.

His national play and demo experiences have taken him to the QE2 in El Paso, TX, the VC in Dallas, and countless private venues in the Eastern USA. Ty currently assists with fundraisers for LGBTQIA+ organizations and at risk youth. Ty invites you to follow him on Facebook, Fetlife, and Twitter


Fetlife: TyTheGentleman


Oliver X, Leather, Judge

NM Leather Cub 2019

Rock Ard, Guest Performer

Although only performing drag for just over a year, Rock Ard has been a favorite act 2 years in a row at the Duke City Roller Derby Drag show fundraiser. Rock also performed at last year's "A Queer XXX-Mas" presented by The Alibi, so this year's "Best of 2018" show will be their second time as a guest performer at Sidewinder's Ranch.

Ryan Stone, Guest Performer

​Ryan Stone is the gender-bending horror queen of the future. She has a story to tell and a heck of a lot more to show! #hausofvanity

Bobby Vargas, Singer, Guest Performer

Lottie LaRouge, Burlesque, Competitor

​Lottie LaRouge is a dancer and actress who is both nerdy and dirty. Known as “That 70s Show-Girl” and “The Nerdy Girl Next Door”, Lottie incorporates classical dance, comedy, and general bawdiness into her acts. She has performed in burlesque festivals and various local shows. Lottie enjoys dance, theater, drag, and hanging out with kitties. Meow!

Allison Saint, Guest Performer

​Allison saint is your all time favorite vintage performer whot isn't afraid to say like it is  [❤]

Music Commissioner Renato Estacio-Burdick, MBA, MMus.

Co-Owner, Sidewinders Ranch and Twist, Best of 2018 Host and Head Judge
Renato Estacio-Burdick, Bass-Baritone, is the Artistic Director of the Black Cat Cabaret and has been active for 30+ years in productions to include one-acts, musicals, revues, operas, operettas, theater; Estacio has also been an entertainer in singing, acting, radio, and voice-over narrator, as well as show host for over 25 years. As Artistic Director, Estacio-Burdick is focused primarily on guiding artistic excellence, artistic growth, leadership development, and community engagement. Estacio-Burdick also serves as a Commissioner of Music for New Mexico, where they assist in the preservation of music in New Mexico, and was Founder and District Director for the Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions for New Mexico during the 2015 and 2016 MONC auditions.

Estacio-Burdick is a guest judge for the NM State Fair Karaoke Competition, was President of the Southwest Arts Group from 2013 – 2016 (holding a residency at the African American Performing Arts Center), and Director of Marketing/PR for the Las Vegas Philharmonic.  Renato was a professional casino entertainer, hosting shows and performing on stage in Broadway and Holiday Show Revues.  Other stage credits include Masetto (Don Giovanni), Spirit 3 (Magic Flute), Marco (Gianni Schicchi), Player 4 (If Men Played Cards as Women Do), Gentleman Starkey (Peter Pan), Cowardly Lion (Wizard of Oz), Tin Woodsman (Wizard of Oz), Guardian of the Gates (Wizard of Oz), Brian Furman (Christmas Recaptured), Sir Despard Murgatroyd (Ruddigore), Luis (Gondoliers), Boysy Dunbar (War on Tatem), Epimetheus (Prometheus), Teddy (Rhiannon’s Diary), and other roles. Estacio conducts the choir “The Cat’s Meow” and has taught voice for 17 years.

Estacio-Burdick took courses in acting at the Acting Studio (NY), and voice, movement, and acting at the Neighborhood Playhouse (Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in Residence). In high school, Renato was recipient of the Mark Hamill Fine Arts Award, and several awards for his performances in pantomime, and one-act plays. They hold advance degrees in music (performance) and business marketing.


Winners of the 2nd Annual Venus Awards - Featured in the Picture (winners will be featured singers at the Best of 2018):

Michael Estacio-Burdick, Co-Owner

Anitra Blue, 1st Place

Em, 1st Place

Margie, 1st Place

Terese, 3rd Place

Kiara, 2nd Place

Commissioner Renato Estacio-Burdick, Co-Owner

Richard Rico Cox, Guest Performer

​I began drag back in 2015 as Sapphire Rico at 15 years old. Approximately a year ago I created Richard Rico Cox, and have since then won two titles. My goals for both of my titles is to empower my generation and future generation to become active in their community and do things they are passionate about. My favorite color is purple, and I love books and free food.

Lilith Stargazer, Burlesque, Competitor

​Lilith Stargazer is once again honored to be competing in the Best Of Competition at Sidewinders! She has been doing burlesque for the last four years and has been singing for the last twelve years. Lilith is currently studying astrophysics at the University of New Mexico and has had to balance performing with school but is ready to rock them both in 2019! She is a member of the Dove and Lily Court.

Mayo Lua de Frenchie, Burlesque, Judge

Photo: La Photographie

​Mayo has been working her big, round booty off in the burlesque scene since 2012, pushing her way from hobbyist to professional. With her vast background in over a dozen traditional dance and martial arts genres, she has gone from dancer to burlesquer, student to instructor, stagehand to producer and performer to choreographer. She has won multiple awards for her efforts including 1st Runner Up at the 2017 Golden Legends Champion Challenge, Judges' Choice at the 2016 Arizona Burlesque Festival, Master of Improv at the 2017 Colorado Regional Burlypicks and Best Burlesque Performer in the 2017 Best of Burque campaign. Mayo has now performed in 14 states, 18 festivals and has produced 4 recurring Albuquerque burlesque shows. Hailing from Albuquerque, New Mexico, she is known as “The Enchantress of New Mexico” and "the bitch so fancy she could be aioli." 

Holly Rebelle, Burlesque, Competitor

​Production, cosplay and kink are only a few things that this amazing woman does! Holly Rebelle has been called a 'Pioneer of Neo-Burlesque,' having performed in and produced shows all over as Burlesque Noir and The Rebelle Alliance. A native of Albuquerque, Holly has been voted 'Best Burlesque Performer' in the local Alibi newspaper and won multiple awards.