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​An Irish Engagement

This program is a black-box theater kind of program, designed to be fun, informative, creative, and give people a platform to learn and express themselves.  We hope to build community, believing our differences make us stronger; that our diversity is a necessity; we hope to give inspiration, courage, spirit, and promise; and give back to the community by creating opportunities for growth and engagement.  We are very proud to share this with everyone.

The program will be led byArtistic Director Renato Estacio-Burdick (Renee)and is meant to be community-based, exploratory, and complementary to life. 

About the Director of the Program:

Estacio-Burdick is the Artistic Director of the Black Cat Cabaret and has been active for 30+ years in productions to include musicals, operas, operettas, theater, in both the U.S. and abroad, with 25 years as a professional entertainer in singing, acting, radio, and voice-over narrator, as well as show host for at least 25 years. As Artistic Director, Estacio-Burdick is focused primarily on guiding artistic excellence, artistic growth, leadership development, and community engagement.

Estacio-Burdick served as Interim Music Director for the Albuquerque Civic Chorus, where they selected repertoire, conducted the ensemble, and facilitated the strategic direction of the organization. As well, they were Music Director for St. Chad’s from 2014-2016. Estacio-Burdick studied acting at the Acting Studio, and voice, movement, and acting at the Neighborhood Playhouse (Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in Residence).  Estacio-Burdick was District Winner (Nevada/Utah) National Association of Singing, District Winner (Western Texas) Classical Music Award, Mary DeVos Opera Scholarship, and was District Director for the Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions. Estacio-Burdick maintains a residency at the African American Performing Arts Center, as well as serves as Commissioner of Music for New Mexico where they assist in developing the musical landscape and preservation of music in New Mexico, working in conjunction with the Department of Cultural Affairs and the Governor's Office.

Academically, Estacio-Burdick attended Oberlin College and Conservatory of Music in Oberlin, OH, where they studied theater, tuba performance, and English literature; from Oberlin, they received a Bachelor of Arts degree. Further academic background includes degrees in marketing (MBA-Honors) and vocal (opera) performance (BMus – Magna Cum Laude/MMus). 


Auditions for productions are for specific events below only.  If you'd like to perform and have not performed with us in the past (and want to be considered for shows other than the ones below), please stop by and let's try to get you in a show or master class, or send video to the artistic director.

For the original monologues and poetry readings, as well as for the plays, we prefer folks audition because we will cast based on level of experience and try to match experience levels together.  We don't type cast, and we will cast people based on what works for them.  

All of our "community theater" events will start as volunteer, experimental, and experiential events.  We are in a trial year and don't know how our public will take them.  We will function like a community theater and have fun.  This is about having a platform of self-expression, growth, theater, and so forth.  While the events may look and feel "professional," we don't want to "force" certain requirements on people.  Just be on time, have fun, and be present.  Come to rehearsals, come to master classes, and practice.  

To participate in our experimental and community-based theater program, please fill out the form below.  If there is a good fit, we will cast you.  If not, we will still contact you and see what might fit in the future. Regards, Renee